Wooden Tunnel

Wooden TunnelMost played with toys in our home are trains and cars. Unfortunately we only had one tunnel which was too small for some trains/cars. I searched for some tunnels online but they were far too expensive and I didn’t want to pay more than 10 euros for a basic tunnel. Off course I decided to do my own Wooden Tunnel, which was very easy to make. I bought a wood slab (1,5 cm-8,5 cm- 90cm) for 2 euros. I cut it into 3 equal pieces (for free). Then I glued them together with wood glue. If you are going to use a hot glue gun then you should nail the sides together too. But wood glue will do just fine 😉

Wooden TunnelAfter it dried I sanded it with sand paper. So the sides and corners were not sharp anymore and ready to play.Wooden Tunnel

I drew some shapes on it and painted it with my favourite paints from ikea. vivid colors 🙂

Wooden Tunnel

Actually you can use the tunnel without paint too. Both are very nice in my opinion.Wooden TunnelIt matches the wooden railway and also the road for the cars. (you can find it here: http://www.tinylittlebee.com/diy-wooden-road/ )

Wooden TunnelHave fun!DIY toys

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