Wooden City

Wooden HousesHow easy would it be to create a city with¬†Wooden City; very easy! (When you let someone cut the wood ūüôā )

I bought 1 big wooden slab and 1 small one. I had the wood cut to different heights with a triangular shape on one end, this is the roof. It took them 2 mins. to cut all the shapes. Wooden Houses

The rest was easy, well not the rubbing with sand paper part. It was a little difficult since I had so many houses.  They had quite sharp edges and were dangerous to play with. So I had to sand all the corners with sand paper, which took some time.

Wooden HousesAfter I finished sanding they were all smooth!

Wooden HousesI taped the bottom part of house blocks ignored to paint the roofs. Well my son painted; which was a good activity for him too.

Wooden HousesWe painted the roofs with different colors.Wooden HousesThen we let them dry for about 2-3 hours.

Wooden HousesI cut out windows and doors from tape or electric tape.

Wooden HousesHe created cities around his railways.Wooden Housesor around his wooden roads:( )DIY toys


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