Wheel Loader Birthday Present Wrapping

wheel Loader Today we are invited to a birthday party.  So I wanted to make a Wheel Loader Birthday Present Wrapping, that kids would like.

To prepare this:

  • scissors
  • yellow tape
  • transparent tape
  • 2 side tape
  • 1 small wheel loader
  • 1 black cardboard
  • simple wrapping paper
  • post-it notes
  • a ruler

wheel loaderI wrapped the present and then measured half of the size and cut the black cardboard. After I taped it on the wrapping paper I cut the yellow tape in half and then cut that half into smaller sizes (approx. 1 to 5 cm) and taped them in the middle of the black cardboard as broken street lines.

Then I cut out ‘Happy Birthday’ letters. I used the sticky sides of yellow post-it notes. Any kind of paper and glue can also be used.

I put a piece of 2 sided tape at the bottom of the wheel loader.

wheel loaderTaped it on the wrapping paper after the ‘happy birthday’ letters. I placed the last letter ‘Y’ on the loader to make an “collecting” effect.

wheel loaderVoila!! Finished.

wheel loader

My son played on it after I finished wrapping 🙂

wheel loader


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