Volcano Dino Cake Decoration


Today my sons friend came to visit us!  I had so much leftover cake from my barbie cake , so I decided to use them creatively and prepare a Volcano Dino Cake Decoration.

volcano cakeFor the Volcano I used Leftovers of my chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. I mixed them well until they combined.volcano cakeI gave the volcano shape and put reddish sugar paste on it. Kinda like lava flowing out of the volcano.volcano cakeOn a baking paper I spread molten chocolate and froze it about 15 minutes. Then I sliced it with a knife.

volcano cakeI put oreos in the food processor (took out the white parts) and made “dirt” for the cake.volcano cakeI put the chocolate pieces on top of my reddish sugar paste. Then I sprinkle the dirt on it.

I melted yellow and red candy melt in separate bowls and add them on the volcano and on the ground.

At last I placed little dinosaur toys on the cake.

volcano dinosaur cake

This can be a really great top decoration for a big cake, though we had just the volcano to eat!


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