Tiny Hands Wall Art

Tiny Hands Wall ArtWould you believe me if i told you that this was painted by a 1,5 years old child?

Well, if I didn’t see my son paint it with my own eyes, I would not have guessed that.

We started with 4 little canvases (10 cm x 10 cm) and he had so much fun that we added 12 more. You can see his little hand marks at the bottom left.

Wallart 3inOne

We taped the canvases together and let him paint over them.

This part is very important! If you want to paint with little kids, as I do, you have to be extra careful because they might want to taste the paint. With older kids you won’t have this problem, hopefully. One can buy non-toxic paints for kids too.

wall art

After the paint dried, we peeled the tape carefully off.

Then we glued each canvas onto a big white acrylic glass. We chose a white colored acrylic glass because of our wall color but you can basically chose any color you want. Plus the outer canvases should be glued at least 1 cm off the glass. Do not forget to calculate the gaps between the canvases while measuring for a even look!

wall art

We then hung it on our wall after we drilled 2 holes at the top of the acrylic glass behind the canvas so that you don’t see the screws from the front. Voila! Tiny Hands Wall Art.

wall art

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    perfect combination of creativity and originality especially when the artist is a 1.5 years old “tiny little sweetest” child:))) great!!!

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