Sewing Cooking Aprons

apronI promised my brother and sister-in-law for some cooking aprons. Finally I sewed not only one for each but also one for their future child (till then my son will probably use it 🙂 )

To begin with I have to say that I am still learning how to sew. Most probably I made mistakes and you could say “i would do it another way”, you would be right! If you like you add them in the comments section below.

But I learned sewing all by myself and am still discovering. So this is the way i did it and covered my mistakes by decorating over them 🙂

I think Sewing Aprons is one of the easiest projects to start with.

apronFor the pink Apron, all I needed was:

apronThe size of the apron:

apron And the brown strap.apron

I sewed the pocket to the skirt.


I pleated the skirt with string.apron

Sew both pieces together.apronMy sewing result was not really appealing so I covered the sewing with the brown strap.

apronAnd finished.

apronFor the red apron, all I needed was:apronThe size of the apron: (in cm)apronThis one was much easier since the fabric is double sided. So I sewed the sides and also the red strap and done!

For the kid apron: it is basically the same as the red apron just smaller;

  • use 55 cm instead of 85 cm.
  • use 45 cm instead of 95 cm.
  • use 20 cm instead of 25 cm.

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