Santa and Reindog

santa and reindogI took this picture for our yearly calendar.

All you need for a Santa and Reindog costume is :

  • Red pants and a red long arm t-shirt
  • white teddybear fabric or faux white fur
  • black belt
  • santa hat
  • reindeer horns
  • a toddler
  • a dog

santa and reindogSimple red t-shirt and pants are basically all you need.

santa and ReindogCover sleeves and crew neck with teddybear fabric / faux fur.

Santa and Reindog

I sewed the santa hat but any santa hats will work just fine.

Santa and ReindogThen dress up the kid and the fur kid (the dog of course 😉

Santa and Reindog

Then take some pictures 🙂Santa and ReindogIt is a nice idea to give some bread to the toddler so dog stays around.

Santa and ReindogHO hO Ho!

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