Sand Castle Cake

Sand Castle CakeToday we went to a summer party at my son’s kindergarten. Every parent had to bring something to eat for the “buffet”. So I decide to bake a Sand Castle Cake.

For a warm sunny day I preferred a coconut-almond cake.

The recipe: coconut cupcakes I made 3 times the amount of this recipe for the Sand Castle Cake. I used 18cm pan and a big pan ( cut small circles on it for the towers)

As I always do, I baked the cake days ago and put them in freezer. Not only do I save time but also this way I achieve a nice moist texture.

For the icing: icing for coconut cake

Sand Castle CakeYou can add more or less powder sugar to the recipe. When you take out the mixer whisks, the icing should’t drip from them.

Sand Castle CakeI used 3 layers of cake and covered all around with icing.

Sand Castle CakeFor the sand I used blended oat biscuits.

Sand Castle CakeFrom white sugar paste I made long lines for the top of the castle.

Sand Castle CakeAlso I made a small red crab from sugar paste, some seashells and starfish from almond paste and used some stone chocolate drops for decoration.

Sand Castle Cake

Finally I added ice-cream cones on top of the towers. I stabilised them with long bamboo sticks.

Sand Castle CakeOn the top of the sticks I taped red flags and written on them is: coconut- almond- cake. Any other message can be written such as “Happy Birthday Debra”. I do not know anyone named Debra though 🙂

Sand Castle CakeI used one big and deep plastic box to transport. Used it upside down.
sand castle cake

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