Pinecone Snack

Pinecone SnackWell I love winter time and snacks. Soo, we need the extra calories for winter or? At least we are using some organic ingredients 😉

Pinecone SnackIngredients:

  • square chocolate cereal
  • 1 teaspoon butter at room temp.
  • chocolate spreads (I used 1 full teaspoon for each dark chocolate and normal chocolate cream)
  • 1 teaspoon peanutbutter
  • salters maxi or thick grissini
  • confectioners sugar for decorating

Pinecone SnackMix together the peanut butter, chocolate spreads and butter together. I used 1 full teaspoon for each.

Pinecone SnackPut some mixture on the plate and place the salt sticks. Make sure they don’t end up like the tower of pisa 🙂

Pinecone SnackThan cover the salt stick with the cream mixture and then cover the whole thing with the cereals pieces. Preferably in the shape of a christmas tree.

Pinecone SnackDecorate with confectioners’ sugar.

Pinecone SnackTime to eat, yummy!!


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