Monster Pencil Bag

Monster Pencil CaseMy son needed a pencil case so I asked him what he wants. He said: ” A monster dino bag ” So we ended up making a Monster Pencil Bag.

Monster Pencil Case First I cut triangles from different colors of fleece (approx.6cm) and sewed them as in the picture above (red one), when you turn it inside out it will be as the green shaped one.

Monster Pencil CaseThen I put the pencils on the fleece and cut it according to the pencils.

Monster Pencil CaseI cut one side diagonally and sewed on the zipper.

Monster Pencil CaseOf course turn everything inside out and sew on the colourful spikes. as in the picture above. The sew the whole case (4 sides). When everything is sewn together turn right side out again.

Monster Pencil CaseI was in a hurry so I glued on the letters, which were cut from fleece.

Monster Pencil CaseFinally I glued the monster dino eyes on the zipper side. Finished is your monster dino pencil bag.


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