Ladybug Chocolate Bites

Ladybug Chocolate Bites After my apricot bees snack, my son enjoyed to have Ladybug Chocolate Bites.

It is really easy to prepare and very yummy!

Ladybugs Chocolate Bites

You need:

  • fresh strawberries and/or cherries.
  • melted chocolate
  • tooth sticks or decorating pen
  • little white decorating toppers (I used crunchy chocolate beads as eyes)

Cut cherries and strawberries into half till you get to the head part to produce ladybug wings. Add chocolate dots on the wings and add some on the head. Then add the crunchy chocolate beads as eyeballs and put dots on them with the chocolate filled decorating pen or with a tooth stick.

I add cherry stalks as antenna on the strawberry bugs.

Ladybugs Chocolate Bites

All finished in few seconds..


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