Gnome Ornaments

gnome ornamentsI am addicted to gnomes this year, so I made some gnome ornaments along with my Gnome decorations. (you can find them here: DIY gnomes )

gnomes ornamentsI cut out a triangle shape for as the hat and a circle for the bottom of the body and 2 quadrilateral shapes for the main body.

gnomes ornamentsI sewed the hats sides and the body parts together.

gnomes ornamentsTurned them right side out and filled them with polyfill.

gnomes ornamentsI used a hot glue gun to stick them together, yes yes I was too lazy to sew..

gnomes ornamentsHot glued the beard from fury fabric.

gnomes ornamentsAnd the hats..

gnomes ornamentsAnd noses and pompoms..

They turned out to be really cute ornaments 🙂

I hung them on a white trench, which were collected by my son during the year. I painted them with white spray decorationAnd put them in a vase filled with white decoration


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