Fun Pizza

Fun PizzaHave I told you that we love pizza? This Fun Pizza was made by my son, well he helped me a little bit..Fun Pizza


  • tortilla wrap (we bought Piadina when we were in Italy, which taste delicious but usually we use tortilla wraps, which can be found easily at any large supermarket store)
  • chopped tomato or tomato sauce
  • ketchup
  • mozzarella  cheese
  • pepperoni (We used ‘Sucuk’ it is a turkish style pepperoni 🙂 )
  • dry herbs

Fun PizzaHe spread tomato sauce on the wraps.

Fun Pizzaand ketchup (My part to do). Then he sprinkled the dry herbs on.

Fun Pizza

and mozzarella cheese

Fun PizzaWe made faces on them. This one is a cat.

Fun PizzaWe baked them for 10-15 mins at 170°C.

Fun PizzaHe was so proud of himself and also they turned out really yummy!!


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