Fireman Birthday Party

fireman birthday partyFor my son’s 2nd birthday party, we decided to have a theme that he would like the most; Fireman Birthday Party!

For decoration:

  • grey cardboard paper for the buildings
  • black tape for the windows
  • red, yellow and orange crepe paper for the flames

fireman birthday partyFor the cake I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe.chocolate cake  Windows and flames were made from candy melt. I used Oreo cookies as wheels and liquorice as a water hose. Pretzel sticks covered with white candy melt as a ladder. Gumdrops as sirens. The rest is made of red and grey butter cream.

fireman birthday partyHere are the emergency kits for all the guest kids! Each have a firetruck inside!

fireman birthday cake


fireman birthday partyWe prepared danger/warning signs and used safety tape for decoration,which was very good to tape around cupboards. This also kept little hands away.

fireman birthday partyWe created a t-shirt for the birthday boy and ironed a firetruck on it. German firetrucks go “tatütata”

fireman birthday partyAt the end he ate the whole remaining of the cake!

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