Fimo Toddler Art

fimo art We like to do crafts with our son and this Fimo Toddler Art was our one of the favourite ones.

You need:

  • Fimo air clay
  • acrylic paint
  • a toddler 🙂

fimo art5Roll out the fimo air clay to any shape and size you want and put some paint on it. Then let the kid paint.

Important!!!! You should be extra careful when a toddler paints with acrylic! Do not let him taste or lick the paint!! It is also possible to do this activity with kid friendly finger paints. (Ours were empty at that time so we used acrylic.)
fimo art3After painting we cut the clay as we saw fit. Any shape or design is possible. But you should cut it before it totally dries out.

fimo art2fimo art1The next thing we did was figuring out how to glue/attach it to the frame. So we bought transparent acrylic glass, which matched with the frame. It also gave a 3D look, like it is floating on the wall!

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