DIY Zoo Magnet

zoo magnetWe go to the zoo almost every week since our little boy enjoys there a lot. Having a year card is also another reason 🙂 Everytime when we went there; I looked for a nice magnet for our magnet collection but couldn’t find a nice one. So I decided to do my own DIY Zoo Magnet.

I bought those cute little animals at the zoo, they were called ‘luck bringer’

zoo magnetFor the magnet I used my favourite craft material: fimo air dough

zoo magnetThen I cut the dough in the size of the name of the zoo. I wrote the name with cookie letter stamps.

I let the dough dry for approx. 5 days. (since it was thick, I wait more)

zoo magnetThen I painted the letters with different acrylic colours.

zoo magnetI glued animals on it with super glue. Not only the dough and the animals are not so light to carry, but also it was not flat, so I needed really strong magnets. They were also glued with super glue.

zoo magnetI replace it on our refrigerator, where our magnet collection stands.



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