DIY Wooden Road

DIY Wooden RoadBoys and their cars. I made this a couple of months ago. A cardboard road ( and my son plays with them a lot, but it wasn’t suitable for his small racing cars. So I came up with his idea; DIY Wooden Road!

I decided to make 2 roads but then I increased it to 4.

DIY Wooden RoadI bought four 6cm-1 m wooden boards and eight 1cm-1m wooden sticks.

DIY Wooden RoadI painted one of the sidse of the bigger wooden boards with black paint and then glued the thin sticks to the sides. Finished! It took only 30 mins to make, including the drying time.

DIY Wooden RoadNow these are his favourite toys, he can race his cars easily. Plus the cars won’t fall off the sides.

DIY Wooden RoadWith 4 m long roads you can create a traffic jam 🙂

DIY Wooden RoadOr you can create a city road. For the wooden houses :

DIY toys

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