DIY Turkish Evil-eye T-shirt

Turkish evil-eye t-shirtI like Turkish evil-eye; not only its’ meaning but also its’ appearance. The turkish name is “Nazar” beads, which is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. So I decided to make a DIY Turkish Evil-eye T-shirt.Turkish evil-eye

I used for my T-shirt:

  • 1 white T-shirt
  • 1 dark blue 3D fabric paint pen
  • 1 light blue 3D fabric paint pen
  • 1 glitter fabric paint pen
  • 1 black fabric paint pen

Turkish evil-eye t-shirt I decorated the t-shirt from top to bottom. Less at the top more at the bottom. But it would be also nice if one painted them diagonally, as I did with my Watermelon T-shirt.

Do NOT forget to put a cardboard in-between the t-shirt!! Otherwise the paints come through the back of the shirt!!

Turkish evil-eye t-shirt I started the outer circles with dark blue fabric paint pen. Then I added lighter blue or glitter blue pen.

Turkish evil-eye t-shirt At last I put little dots in the middle of the circles and finished! Turkish evil-eye t-shirt

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