DIY Gnomes

DIY GnomesAwww these are cute, I always find gnomes so cute, thats why I made plenty of DIY Gnomes this christmas as decoration.

First I found round wooden blocks in different sizes. (Well I found mine in the forrest 🙂 )

DIY GnomesI cut off the bark because it was really dirty and some parts were already coming off. This was a really messy step, if you can find clean round wooden blocks this will be easier. Definitely cleaner 🙂

DIY GnomesI made a small hole and stuck the wire inside and hot glued it in place.

DIY GnomesThis wire helps you fold and keep the hat in place.

DIY GnomesThen I cut out hats from red polar fleece and sewed the long sides together.

DIY GnomesThen I cut out beards from furry fabrics. One can also use cotton. It will just look different.

DIY Gnomesand glued the sides of the beard fabric together.

DIY GnomesThen put some polyfill on the top so the hat would hold better. Kinda stuffing the hat.

DIY GnomesThen I glued the half ball bead nose to the beard and added a white pompom on the top of the hat.

DIY GnomesAnd they are done.

Happy gnoming.

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