DIY Dinosaur Drawstring Bag

Dinosaur DrawstringMy son needed a new sports drawstring bag for his kindergarden. Which of course I totally forgot and remembered the day before kindergarden and of course here in Germany all stores are closed on a Sunday. So I decided to sew one; DIY Dinosaur Drawstring Bag! (yes his favourite creatures are dinosaurs this year 🙂 )

Dinosaur DrawstringAt home I had always some fleece fabric.  I cut triangular shape from different colors of fleece.(bottom is approx.. 8 cm)

Dinosaur DrawstringSewed them together and turned inside out. (bottom will be approx.. 6cm)

Dinosaur DrawstringAt the end I had 9 bony plates.

Dinosaur DrawstringThen I cut 2 rectangular shapes (30 X 45 cm) from a brown fleece And cut one of them into half.(I left some space on the top for the cord to tighten the bag.)

Dinosaur DrawstringI put some polypill inside the bone plates and replaced them in-between the brown fleece, which I cut into half.

Dinosaur DrawstringBefore sewing, I made sure that they were stable.

Dinosaur DrawstringI cut out some letters and sewed them to the other rectangular brown fleece.

I also sewed the tail to the bag as I did the body part above. Then I sewed the sides.

Finally I sewed some extra fabric to the way, where the cord stands. Then I made 4 holes at the bottom side of the rectangular fleece. (2 on each side)dinosaur bag

Place the cord as in the picture above. I used two 1,2 m cords. Well, I need to explain the picture above I guess 😀 Red and blue lines are the cords of  same length. The rectangular shapes should be the same size but for explanation purposes I drew one of them bigger in order to show the way of the cords. Knot the ends of the cords inside of the bag.

Dinosaur DrawstringAnd finished!

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