DIY Bookmarks with Kids

bookmarksI like reading a lot and I wanted to have some bookmarks which were made by my son! DIY Bookmarks with Kids is a really nice activity!

I came up with this idea when we were playing; ‘guess which animal I draw!’ After we finished our game with my 2 years old boy he took the paper and scribbled on it. When I saw it I really liked it so I decided to paint the elephant above in different colors. 

While I was painting the elephant, My son was scribbling on another paper guess what, I liked that too!!


For these bookmarks you need:

  • scribbled on paper
  • scissors
  • laminating film
  • iron
  • thin fabric

I cut the paper into bookmark size and then put that piece between the laminating films. I covered it with a thin fabric and then ironed it.

After ironing, I cut the laminating film leaving 1-1,5 mm border.bookmark

We liked this idea so we made lots of them and sent them to relatives as presents!

Not only scribbling is a good idea but also painting..

bookmarksThese are made with finger paints.

bookmarksOr acyrilics..

Have Fun 🙂


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