Cute Red Cupcake Toppers




I baked these cupcakes for a birthday party of my son’s friend.

You can find the cupcake recipe here: chocolate cake This is my favourite chocolate cake recipe. I used cream cheese frosting on those cream cheese frosting cupcakes.

For the Cute Red Cupcake Toppers, all you need is:

  • red candy melt (or pink is also cute)
  • little balloons (I used water bomb balloon)
  • wire rack

Inflate the balloons to small sizes. This part is very important, you should use a very clean plate to put these balloons on because of static. Any kind of hair, dust, etc. may stick to the balloon. It is even better if you wash them and let them dry on a clean wire rack.

After all the balloons are dried, brush the balloons gently with vegetable oil. (should not be too much oil on them! It helps me when I remove balloons from candy melt.)

Hold the balloon by the knot and dip it into the melted candy and place them back on the wire rack.

Cute Red Cupcake Toppers

When they are all dried, cut the knot of the balloon and remove it gently from the candy melt. I have to say it is not easy to remove balloons from candy melt. Since the candy melt is very fragile they easily tear or collapse. After some practice though it gets easier!




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