Cardboard Road

Cardboard RoadSince my husband has started to paint, he ordered lots of canvases and we have tons of cardboard at home. Yay! Time to craft! So I made a road for my son, which he wanted for a long time.

For the Cardboard Road you will need:

  • 5 Cardboards 90 cm- 20 cm
  • tape for the middle lines
  • craft knife
  • black spray paint or acrylic paint
  • aluminium foil tape
  • black tape
  • a measuring tape
  • scissors

Cardboard RoadI used 90 cm to 20 cm cardboards. I needed 5 of them.

Measure and tape lines in the middle. I measured 6 cm for each line and left 6 cm in between them.

Cardboard RoadCut squares out of the cardboard.

Cardboard RoadCut the edges and tape them.

Cardboard RoadThen spray black spray paint on the taped side. Do it outside and put a big cardboard underneath the “road”.

Otherwise you will have black paint specs everywhere. Not cool and it won’t come off. Better safe than sorry:)

Cardboard RoadAfter the spray paint dries take off the tape lines in the middle. I taped the sides with aluminium foil tape and the inner side with black tape, where the roads continue. This way there will be no paper cuts:) and also keeps the cardboard from splitting apart.

Cardboard RoadAnd it is ready to play. Plus side one can change the way of the road as one likes. No fuss, all fun:)

Cardboard RoadIt is a nice way to teach the kids traffic rules 😉

Cardboard RoadIt can also be an alternative christmas gift. My boy sure liked it a lot. WELL, pre-christmas gift.. I couldn’t wait. hihihi

Cardboard Road

Bruuuuum, beep beep!


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