Apricot Bees

apricot beeToday I made these cute Apricot Bees for my son. He enjoys eating fruits especially when they are extra cute!

apricotI used fresh juicy apricots.

apricot halfCut them into halves.

ingredientsFor decoration:

  • melted chocolate -10 grams
  • almonds
  • decorating pen
  • little white decoration toppers (I used crunchy chocolate beads)

Put the chocolate into the decorating pen and make 4 thin lines on the apricots and a big dot as a head.

Use a knife to make 2 small slits for the almond wings.

Then add the crunchy chocolate beads as eyeballs and put dots on them with the chocolate filled decorating pen.


I added a little honey on the plate as decoration!

apricot honey bees




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