Angels of Shield

Angels of ShieldYes I like ‘Agents of Shield’. So I decided to make DIY swords and shields for my son. Not only is it christmas time but also I felt like my son is an angel (well sometimes he can be devilish :), I called these: Angels of Shield.

Angels of ShieldIt is not difficult to make but it takes some time, especially when you make more than one.

For the swords and shields you will need:

  • cardboards

(a lot of them, since my husband starts to paint he orders canvases and this was why we had a lot of cardboard which I couldn’t throw away. This is one of my crafts. You can find the other cardboard crafts here:

  • any acrylic colors
  • same colored scotch tapes
  • same colored felts
  • craft knife
  • hot glue or craft glue
  • aluminium foil tape
  • golden or silver acrylic color
  • stapler or a needle and a string

Angel Wings:

Angels of ShieldCut out some angel wings. You will need 2 for the sword and 1 for the shield.

Angels of ShieldPaint 2 of them with gold paint or silver and the other one with the color you have chosen. as below


Angels of ShieldCut circles out of a big cardboard. I used 28 cm in diameter cardboards.

Angels of ShieldThen paint the shield with golden or silver color.

Angels of ShieldCut out long rectangular shapes from the felts and sew or staple them to the shield cardboard, which ever is easier for you. I cut my felts 30 cm long (for the big one) and 15 cm (for the little one).

Angels of ShieldI sewed them and didn’t like the seem of strings so I glued some more felt on the sewed part to cover the strings.

Angels of ShieldPaint the outer circle with the color you like and after the colors dry glue the wings in the middle of the shield. But be careful to glue the wings in the right direction or when the wings will be upside down on the shield 😉

Angels of ShieldPut the freshly painted cardboard in front of the heater so they  dry faster. or use a hair dryer.

Angels of ShieldI used 5 cm- 65 cm cardboards. Cut the front in a triangular shape as in the photo above.

Angels of ShieldThen cut the ends to for a handle.

Angels of ShieldIt doesn’t have to be perfect, when you tape it will cover your mistakes.

Angels of ShieldThen I glued 5mmX5mm-65 cm long wooden sticks to reinforce the swords, which you can easily find in home depots.

Angels of ShieldAfter the glue dried you can tape the swords together.

Angels of ShieldI taped the front with aluminium foil tape and the bottom with different colored tape. But I recommend you to leave a space on the sword for the angel wings, because the glue does not stick well to the tape.

Angels of Shield


Then glue the wings to the empty place.

Angels of Shield

try to center both wings.

Angels of ShieldYou can place the swords as in the picture below for the storage or as a present.Angels of Shield


It is the time you let your little angle(s) play! Angels of Shield

We are waiting for Noah, Bulut and Cinar 😉Angels of ShieldP.S:  you may want to keep the backing of the aluminium tape in order to make a nice Santa wreath, which you can find here: Santa Door Wreath

angels of shields


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