Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Yes I love christmas, actually I did’t even know about the advent calendar before I came to Germany. As you can imagine I love it, but my son loves it more 🙂

I wanted to create a new advent calendar but I found these little socks with numbers on them for a very reasonable price and at the same time it also saved me time. But you can sew little socks and decorate them.

For santa decoration:Advent Calendar

  • White, red and skin colored felt.
  • eye beads
  • a bell

For rein deer decoration:Advent Calendar

  • brown and dark brown felt
  • eye beeds
  • bells
  • a red pompom

For snowman decoration:Advent Calendar

  • orange, white and red felt
  • eye beads
  • a bell
  • small black beads
  • white string

Advent Calendar So the plain advent socks turned out to be very cute and christmassy calendar 😉

advent calendarFirst thing in the morning; counting from the beginning and checking if all socks are full or not.

Countdown to christmas: 5 days left (for germans) 6 days left (for americans) 🙂

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